• Braces: Not Just For Childern

    Are you afraid to smile because you have crooked teeth? Do you have pain or discomfort when eating? Well, if you do, then you are a prime candidate for adult braces. Many people think that braces are only for kids. That's not true. Many adults decide to correct their teeth using braces. Sometimes their families didn't have the money to pay for braces when they were growing up. Maybe the issue didn't become a problem until later on in life.
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  • Allergic To Salt? Don't Use Oil-Pulling As A Substitute To Heal Your Extraction Site

    After a dentist, such as William J Guthrie DDS PC, extracts your tooth, he or she may recommend that you rinse the extraction site with warm, salty water to help it heal faster. If you're allergic to the iodine in salt, you may be tempted to use other methods, such as oil-pulling, to heal your extraction site. But that might be a bad idea. A small blood clot covers the empty tooth socket of your extraction site.
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