Does Your Young Child Need A Dental Crown?

Posted on: 30 December 2014

If your little one has recently damaged or lost one of their baby teeth, it is not unusual to assume that it is safe to allow the area to stay empty until the permanent tooth appears. Unfortunately, depending on the age of your child and the extent of the damage that the accident caused to the underlying tooth, doing so can be an expensive and painful mistake. A crown is used to contain severe tooth decay and damage, and if it is left untreated, dental infection is likely.

When Would It Be A Good Idea To Use A Dental Crown On Their Front Teeth?

For children who are at least two years of age, a dental crown, which may also be called a "cap", is often the best option for saving a front tooth. Specifically, your dentist may recommend it if the tooth in question required a root canal, experienced severe damage, developed abnormally or was severely decayed.

By maintaining the tooth and its spot in the jaw, it is also possible to provide something of a pattern for the permanent teeth to come in later. If it is left empty, the new tooth can develop incorrectly, requiring expensive orthodontia to correct as your child matures. In general, children typically benefit from stainless steel crowns, because they can be prepared and applied in a single visit.    

If a child under the age of two experiences dental trauma or misshapen teeth,  the dentist will determine on a case-by-case basis whether or not the child will benefit from a crown. The severity of the damage and the health of the surrounding teeth will factor into that decision.   

When Should You Expect A Dental Crown On A Child's Back Teeth?

Kids may need a crown on their molars if there was extensive damage to the tooth, and they are particularly at risk if the damage accrues on three or more sides of the tooth. Specifically, if the filling that would be required to fix the problem would be unsafe to fit within the surviving tooth structure, a dental crown is a safer option.

In addition, their maturity and ability to provide self-care should be considered, so kids with special needs are likely to benefit. Fortunately, primary teeth with a dental crown will fall out around the same time that a healthy tooth would.

In conclusion, a dental crown is an important dental treatment that can be provided with little pain, often in as little as one appointment. Whether it is used to preserve the remaining tooth or to maintain the spot for that tooth in the gum line, the dental cap is a useful and common dental treatment. 

If you think your child may need a dental crown, contact a dental office like Silverado Family Dental right away.