• Using A Dental Lab For Crowns Has Benefits

    Patients have a few options when it comes to dental crowns. While some people choose the more traditional option of partnering with a dentist, others decide upon a more direct option and partner with a dental lab instead. For many reasons, the latter option often provides a variety of advantages in both the short and long term. Streamlined Services When a person visits a traditional dental office for crowns, they might be surprised to discover that the crowns are not constructed in-house.
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  • Get A Clue About Your Dental Health By Examining Your Tongue

    Many people don't consider how their tongues tell a story. Dentists have long known that the appearance of a patient's tongue can provide a wealth of information. To find out more, read on. When Your Tongue is Super Red Sure, red is the normal color of your tongue, but a bright red tongue might be a sign of vitamin deficiencies. If left unchecked, deficiencies can develop into serious diseases. Have some bloodwork done to find out what you are missing and get caught up as soon as you can.
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