What Are The Benefits Of Lip Releases For Babies?

Posted on: 25 April 2023

Some babies are born with lip ties. Here, a baby's lip is attached to the gums at the top of their mouth. While this isn't necessarily a serious condition, you can ask your dentist to perform lip release surgery if your baby has this problem.

Here, your dentist uses laser surgery to detach your baby's lip from the gums. This allows the lip to move into its natural position, where it can then move freely. This surgery has some benefits for your baby. What are they?

Improve Your Baby's Ability to Feed

If your baby has a lip tie, then they don't have a natural gap between their top lip and its underlying gum. They can't move their lip normally because it is attached.

This can affect feeding. Your baby might struggle to latch on to the breast or a bottle because of this restricted movement. They might not settle to feed because it is too difficult. If your baby is upset because they can't feed smoothly, then you will also get distressed.

While a lactation consultant might be able to recommend positions and techniques that make feeding easier for you both, this is a workaround solution. If your dentist releases your baby's lip, then you get a permanent fix. Your baby will be able to feed normally.

Avoid Future Speech Problems

Some children with lip ties find it difficult to learn to talk at a normal pace. If a child's lip can't move naturally, then they might not be able to clearly form some sounds. Or, if their lip tie causes discomfort when they try to form sounds or words, then they might avoid using that part of their lip.

This can delay or affect natural speech development. Some children might need speech therapy to solve persistent problems.

If you ask for a lip release when your child is a baby, then you avoid these problems. Your child will learn to talk more naturally and normally.

Avoid Future Dental Problems

If you don't fix a lip tie, then your baby might have unnecessary dental problems in the future. These ties can trap milk. If this milk sits on teeth for too long, then it can cause decay.

If you have your child's lip released before their teeth erupt, then their oral health shouldn't be compromised. They are less likely to develop these decay problems.

If your baby has a lip tie, then talk to your dentist. They can explain more about how lip releases work.