Things That Might Happen Before Cosmetic Dentistry Is Done

Posted on: 28 March 2017

Cosmetic dentistry is the best way to give you the type of teeth that you desire. No matter how bad your teeth look, it is likely that a cosmetic dentist can perform a cosmetic procedure that will improve or replace them. For example, getting dental implants is the ideal way to replace missing teeth, and whitening can be done to improve the color of your natural teeth. Before the dentist begins working on your teeth, he or she might have to do a few things in advance depending on the work that is being done. In this article, you will learn about some of the things that might happen before dental work.

1. Gum Infections Will Be Treated

A dentist will have to treat infections before any type of work is done. When treating infections, your teeth will first be thoroughly cleaned to get rid of plaque. It is important for the plaque to be removed because it contains harmful bacteria that can make an infection worse. Cleaning your teeth will prevent bacteria from getting into incisions if any are necessary when you undergo cosmetic dentistry. You are likely to be prescribed antibiotics if you have an infection.

2. You Might Need a Root Canal

One of the other things that a cosmetic dentist will do is check your mouth to make sure you don't have an abscess. If you have any severe cavities, it is possible that an abscess has developed under the decayed tooth, or will be visible on your gums. An abscess is basically a lump that is filled with harmful pus. The reason why a root canal might be necessary is because it will allow the dentist to dig into the pulp chamber to get rid of dead nerves, damaged tissue, and bacteria that caused the abscess to develop. He or she will also safely remove the pus from the abscess during the root canal.

3. Bone Grafting Might Be Necessary

If the cosmetic procedure that you opt for is the installation of dental implants, you might need bone grafting done first. You will only have to undergo the procedure if your jawbones are weak and damaged. Bone grafting is done to replace the damaged jawbones so the dentist will have stable bones that the implants can be installed in. The replacement bones might be natural, such as from a cadaver or your own body. The bones can also be artificial or come from an animal.