2 Herbal Oils To Ease Pain Caused By Your Regulator When Scuba Diving With New Braces

Posted on: 14 April 2017

Regardless of what you do, newly installed braces will make your mouth feel incredibly sore. This is due to the fact that the braces are still working to adjust your teeth and bring them into alignment. Therefore, it is often recommended to avoid biting down hard on anything. However, if you want to participate in an activity like scuba diving, then this may be difficult. You need to bite down on the regulator in order to enjoy the entire experience. The constant tension that this places on your teeth and mouth will leave your teeth feeling sore after the excursion is complete. Fortunately, there are a few herbal oils that you can use in order to help ease this pain.

Celery Seed Oil

You may be aware of the celery that you see in the produce section of your local produce section. However, there is an essential oil that is created from the roots of the plant. The essential oil contains analgesic properties. These properties help to regulate pain throughout the body. If you have a tooth ache, then you can apply celery seed to the area in order to help alleviate the pain. The same can be done for the pain that comes with using a regulator on newly installed braces. In order to use the celery seed, simply warm it up in a pot full of water. Place the bottle of essential oil in hot bath of water and allow the heat from the water to heat the essential oil. Use your fingers to rub a few drops of the oil onto your teeth and gums.

Eucalyptus Oil

If you have ever been sick, then there is a high chance you have inhaled the aroma of eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil is often included in sickness medications not only because of its smell but also because of its antibacterial properties. The herb is also an analgesic herb. You can use eucalyptus oil by adding a few drops of the oil into a hot water. Use the mix like you would an oral rinse. Hold it in your mouth for several minutes before spitting it out. Repeat this process several times a day in order to get the maximum amount of pain relief.

New brace should not hold you back from enjoying some of your favorite activities. Use these tips to make sure you are prepared for any kind of pain the next time you go scuba diving. For more information, contact companies like Fayetteville Family Dentistry.