Has A Tooth Filling Fallen Out? Here's What You Can Do

Posted on: 13 June 2017

Few things are worse than realizing that your cavity filling has become dislodged at a time when you're unable to visit a dentist. You may start to experience pain and become concerned about what's wrong and what you should do in order to avoid further tooth trouble.

What Happened? Why Did My Tooth Fall Out?

It might help to know why the filling fell out in the first place. One reason could be that there is some kind of decay to your tooth underneath the permanent filling which has become bad enough that the filling no longer fits well and can pop out. Another reason may be related to prolonged exposure to your saliva, which can affect the filling. Of course, it might be that you were just eating a food that was tricky to chew, knocking the filling out of your mouth.

What Can I Do While Awaiting My Appointment?

You don't have to feel completely powerless and remain in pain while you're dealing with the tooth in question. Give the following solutions a try so you can cope well while waiting for your appointment.

  • Use Clove Oil--If you start to feel some pain because the nerve in your tooth is exposed, it can be a long, uncomfortable wait until you see your dentist. One way to give yourself relief is to head to the nearest pharmacy to pick up some clove oil. Clove oil contains a substance known as eugenol, which can act as an effective pain reliever. With a cotton swab or just your finger, you can apply a drop of clove oil to the affected area. You can rub it around every few hours as long as you feel that it's necessary to do so..
  • Get Dental Wax--While you're picking up clove oil, you might also want to take a look around for dental wax. This wax can act as a temporary seal so that your filling is covered once again and won't have contact with food or beverages.
  • Take Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen as Directed

It's also important that you don't throw out the filling if you can help it; your dentist may want to have a look at it.

The above solutions can ensure that you're able to make it through the days until your dental appointment. If the pain is unbearable, call the dentist's office, such as New Image Dental, to see what your next move should be.