Dealing With Tooth Stains When They Run In The Family

Posted on: 27 July 2017

You look in the mirror and notice that your teeth aren't as white as they used to be. Then, you catch a glimpse of your family portrait and notice that many people have similar tooth stains. The issue is that discolored teeth can run in families, which may limit the amount you can do to naturally lift stains out of your teeth with good brushing habits. But there are several interventions to consider at your dentist office:

Is it Your Fault?

A lot of times, discolored teeth are not your fault. It is a genetic condition for many people. But there are also many ways it could be your fault. If you smoke, for instance, this can be a source of discoloration. Or, if you drink a lot of sugary drinks, that can lead to teeth staining. When you go in for a dentist evaluation, be sure to be honest when answering the dentist's screening questions. They really are trying to find the easiest solution to recurrent teeth stains. Sometimes, that solution is something as simple as using a straw to drink sugary liquids or brushing your teeth right after drinking your morning coffee.

What Can Be Done?

For those who have genetic teeth stains, this article may seem discouraging so far. But there are actually many things your doctor can still do to help you. Teeth whitening is generally most effective for those patients who have staining due to dental hygiene habits. If your stains are more stubborn, consider these options:

Veneers: This is a go-to option for many cosmetic dentists who are attempting to treat lasting tooth stains. With this procedure, you're going to get porcelain covers over your front teeth. It hides the staining, but the custom nature of veneers mean that your new teeth can have a very close appearance to your natural teeth.

Dental Implants: When there are multiple problems with a tooth, such as staining combined with a cavity or root canal need, you might just opt for a dental implant that will tackle both problems at the same time and make your dental appointments easier to deal with.

Partial Dentures: Partial dentures are one way to knock out many dental needs at the same time. If you have multiple teeth with a significant amount of staining, you might want to look into partial dentures as a way to cover multiple teeth at once.

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