Problem Teeth? Reveal A Healthier, More Exuberant Smile With These Tips

Posted on: 12 June 2018

Smiling is one of the most powerful and fascinating expressions known today. Not only does smiling improve your quality of life, but it can help the lives of other people as well. But if you suffer from poor dental health, smiling may be the last thing you want to do. You can take numerous steps to improve the quality, condition, and appearance of your smile. Reveal a healthier, more-exuberant-looking smile with the tips listed below.

Watch What You Eat

What you eat and drink can significantly affect how your smile looks by staining and damaging your tooth enamel. Dark berries, balsamic vinegar, yellow curry, and many other items that contain acid and deep or dark pigments can stick to the surface of your enamel. Some of these items contain acid, which can wear down your enamel. If you indulge in these items all the time, it can eventually show up in your smile. 

Instead of cutting out everything in your daily diet, simply watch what you eat. For example, instead of choosing red pasta sauce, opt for white sauce or even olive oil. You can also consume your salads plain to keep your enamel healthy. If you simply can't go without salad dressing, add pepper and olive oil to your salads instead.

Your beverages may include plain water mixed with natural slices of fresh strawberries. The malic acid found in strawberries may help temporarily whiten your tooth enamel. Frozen fruit such as grapes, peaches, and chunks of watermelon are other options you may use to flavor up your water.

If you're coffee or tea drinker, you can replace these beverages with white tea and honey. Even green tea has the ability to stain your tooth enamel if you consume the beverage regularly.

In addition to watching your diet, you can overcome your smile limitations by seeing a cosmetic dentist for care.

Get a Professional Dental Makeover

Cosmetic dentists understand your desire to improve your smile and quality of life. To help you achieve your goals, a dentist can treat your teeth with dental crowns, laser tooth whiteners, and porcelain veneers. The treatments not only make over your smile, but they also protect your teeth from decay and other life-changing dental problems.

In addition, a number of cosmetic dentists offer gum makeover services. Gum makeover treatments can reshape your gums so that they appear more even around your teeth. The treatments may also correct the damage caused by gum disease. Gum disease has the potential to cause your gums to recede. If the disease spreads deeper inside your gums, it can lead to tooth loss. Although you can replace lost teeth with dental implants and dentures, it's better for your dental health if you keep your natural teeth instead. 

Your smile makeover treatment will generally begin with a detailed examination of your teeth and gums. The exams allow a cosmetic dentist to take images of the inside (digital X-rays) and outside (digital photos) of your face and jaw. The shape of your face and jaw can affect the results of your dental treatment and vice versa. The images help a dentist choose treatments that enhance your face overall and not just the way your smile looks. 

After your dental exam, a dentist will move forward with your treatment. You may need to visit the dentist several times to complete your smile makeover. However, the actual time needed to complete your treatments can vary. To overcome this obstacle, be sure to ask a cosmetic dentist about your treatment time during your initial visit.

If you're ready to obtain the smile you desire, contact a cosmetic dental office like Parklane Dental.