Help Your Adolescent Overcome Their Uncertainties Pertaining To Clear Teeth Aligners

Posted on: 9 July 2018

The fear of discomfort and being rejected by others may be your child's biggest concerns if they are going to need to have teeth straighteners added to their teeth. If you are considering clear aligners for your teenager's teeth, help your adolescent overcome their uncertainties prior to being fitted for the aligners.

Address All Questions

It isn't fair for you to make your adolescent go through a procedure without being prepared for the upcoming occasion. After your child has received a recommendation from their dentist to be seen by an orthodontist, schedule a consultation with an orthodontist. Tell your loved one that you do not plan to rush into anything and that you would like to complete some extensive research concerning all of the options that are available before making a final decision together.

Any questions that you and your child have about clear aligners should be written down so that neither of you will forget one or more of the questions during the consultation. Tell your teenager that no question is too small or unimportant and that you would like them to be completely comfortable with the orthodontist and the information that will be presented to them by the oral professional.

Request Information About Pain And Before And After Photos

Because clear aligners are inserted over teeth, they don't cause the level of pain that standard braces may cause soon after they are installed. Clear aligners are a corrective product that must be worn on a daily basis and for many hours each day.

Your child will still be provided with the opportunity to remove the aligners when they are eating or sleeping. This will allow swelling in the gum area to subside, further decreasing the likelihood that pain will be a constant variable that your teenager needs to contend with.

One way to help you decide if purchasing aligners are your best bet is by requesting to see some photographs of actual patients and the progress that was attained after the patients wore the aligners for a specific amount of time.

While looking at before and after photographs, you and your child will see that aligners are virtually invisible. This alone should ease your child's mind about others poking fun at them.

The photographs will also provide an estimate of how much straighter your child's teeth will be after they wear their corrective aligners for a year or two, which may encourage both you and your child to go ahead with the procedure. For more information, contact a company like Cobbe Dental & Orthodontics.