FAQ About General Dental Problems

Posted on: 1 February 2019

When certain body parts are in a bad condition, it can lead to numerous complications developing. For instance, teeth are a part of the body that people can take advantage of until something bad happens to them. The main thing that leads to teeth becoming negatively affected is neglecting to keep them clean, as they must be brushed on a regular basis. However, conditions can also arise that aren't related to the cleanliness of teeth, which is why examinations by a dentist are necessary every now and then. If you are interested in knowing more about dental care, continue reading this article.

Can a Small Amount of Plaque Cause Harm?

You should make it a goal to not allow any amount of plaque to remain on your teeth for a long period of time. Even if you think there is only a small amount of plaque on your teeth, there is likely more that isn't easy to see. Any amount of plaque can be bad for your teeth because it is the main thing that destroys the enamel. Unfortunately, it is difficult to remove all of the plaque without the assistance of a dentist. You should get professional tooth cleanings done so a dentist can use professional products and tools to remove the plaque in a thorough manner.

What If Your Teeth Slightly Move?

If you have noticed that your teeth slightly move when pressure is applied, it should be a big concern. The movement points to the possibility of your jawbones being damaged, which can stem from gum disease. Healthy jawbones are able to secure teeth to the extent of them not moving at all. You will need to get an X-ray performed at a dental clinic to ensure that your jawbones are not in bad shape. If the bones are weak, a dentist will let you know about the treatment that is needed to resolve the problem.

Is It Wise to Leave Small Cavities Untreated?

The best way to determine if a small cavity should be left untreated is to visit a dental clinic. If the cavity is barely noticeable and not causing you any discomfort, it is possible that no treatment is necessary. However, it is also possible that a resin will need to be applied to prevent the tooth from further damage. Keep in mind that small cavities can make teeth sensitive and also make it easier for plaque to get stuck in the enamel.