Using Braces To Correct Your Smile

Posted on: 5 November 2019

There are few features of your appearance that will be more noticeable when you smile than the straightness of your teeth. Unfortunately, some people will have alignment issues with their teeth that can make it harder for them to smile with confidence.

Consider Discrete Options For Braces

The high visibility of braces can make individuals uncomfortable with the idea of having to wear them. However, it is possible for individuals to opt for braces that will be extremely discrete. For example, these individuals will be able to choose to wear clear braces that can be extremely difficult to notice from a distance. Additionally, there are removable retainers that can be worn to shift the teeth while still allowing you the ability to avoid the embarrassment that can come from wearing highly visible braces. Patients may be worried that these discrete options will not be as effective as traditional braces, but this is not the case as they will still be able to effectively shift the position of the teeth.

Follow Dietary Restrictions

Regretfully, there are some foods that can be damaging to braces, and patients will need to avoid eating these foods to keep their braces safe from damage. For example, popcorn is one of the most common types of food that will be restricted for patients wearing braces. The seeds and fibers of the popcorn can get wedged between the braces, and they can put enough pressure on the wiring and brackets to cause them to come loose or warp. Furthermore, small pieces of the popcorn can be difficult to remove from the braces, which can increase the risk of decay or other problems occurring. Popcorn is just an example, and your dentist will be able to provide you with a list of all of the food items that should either be avoided or eaten with great care.

Undergo Whitening Your Teeth When The Braces Are Removed

It can be difficult to brush your teeth well enough to prevent the surface of the teeth from becoming at least partially discolored. Additionally, there may be an outline left where the braces were. Being diligent about brushing your teeth can help to limit the amount of discoloration that occurs, but some of this may be unavoidable. Fortunately, it is possible for patients to opt for a whitening procedure when they get their braces removed. These procedures will allow for these discolorations to be safely removed so that you can enjoy a picture-perfect smile after wearing braces.