Try These Solutions For Missing Teeth

Posted on: 17 August 2021

Not too long ago, dental patients had little choice when it came to filling in a missing tooth. Fortunately, those with a space to fill now have several choices and they range in price and durability.

Why Filling the Gap Is So Important

When it comes to missing teeth, many people naturally feel embarrassed. It's wonderful that the below solutions work so well but it's about more than appearances. Missing teeth can upset your entire mouth because each tooth depends on those around it, below it, and above it keep things straight and solid. That means that other teeth can begin to shift and loosen. Even if they don't fall out, loose teeth can invite bacteria, thus inviting decay and gum diseases. Also, missing teeth signify to your jawbone that there is no need for supportive bone in that area. That leads to bone loss and a sunken appearance in your lower facial area.

Dental Implants: Natural and Worry-Free

The newest way of addressing a missing tooth is with an implant. These faux teeth are secured to the jawbone under your gum with a pin and then topped by the tooth. Implants offer years and years of durability. They are, however, the most expensive of the options.

Implants and Dentures Together

If you have several missing teeth and still want implants, a hybrid model might work for you. This type of denture is anchored for stability with a few implanted teeth. They should be removed for cleaning but they tend to stay in place better while wearing because of the implants on either side.

Bridges: Inexpensive and Non-Invasive

Bridges have been around for some time but new methods allow the faux tooth in the middle to be attached to the backs of the teeth on either side without the need for crowns on those teeth. With this option, the wiring goes in the back. This type of solution is ideal for back teeth since the wires might be slightly visible.

Partial Dentures: Quick and Inexpensive

If you have a couple of missing teeth, a partial removable denture could be the right choice. These dentures consist of a plate with a faux tooth attached. However, they should be removed for cleaning and at night.

Bridges and Implants

Another hybrid that includes implants are bridges attached to implants. Rather than a full set of dentures when many teeth are missing, implants are added at intervals and attached to bridges and crowns.

Complete Dentures: Less Expensive

Traditional full dentures are right for many people. In most cases, all teeth are removed before being fitted for removable dentures.

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