Why Dental Implants Are Often A Better Choice Than Dentures

Posted on: 27 January 2022

Dental implants are becoming more common for people missing permanent teeth, and for some that would have had dentures in the past, they are sometimes a better option. Full mouth dental implants allow you to have a complete set of teeth that you care for, much like natural teeth, and there are some real benefits over dentures and partials that may interest you.

Bone Loss And Dentures

One of the most significant issues denture wearers face is dramatic bone loss in their jaw bone over time. Once the teeth are no longer in the bone, it no longer needs to support them, so the bone begins to shrink. When this starts to happen, the dentures begin to get loose and move around as you chew, creating sore spots in the wearer's mouth and requiring denture adhesive. 

When dental implants are put in place, the stainless steel post stimulates the bone, and the bone loss stops. The bone may start to grow around the studs and become healthier in some cases. Your dentist will need to check the condition of the bone to be sure there is enough to implant to, but unless you have a lot of damage, implant surgery is more than likely possible.

Comfort And Implants

When considering dental implants, many people are concerned that they will not be comfortable, but the tooth or teeth, if you have full mouth dental implants, are much more stable because they are permanently placed, and your gums and jawbone can grow around them. This means far less movement if any, and if there is a problem with the tooth placed on the stud, the dentist can replace it for you. 

The implanted tooth is carefully sized and shaped to fit in your mouth with your natural teeth, so it looks great, feels good, and allows you to use it just like the one that was there originally. Many people with full mouth dental implants find that they can begin to eat things that they couldn't with the dentures, and they don't have to worry about them coming loose while chewy. 

Implant Cost

When you are having dental implants put in, you need to check your insurance to see if they will cover them or not. Often insurance companies see dental implants as a luxury or cosmetic procedure, which can leave you having to pay for them out of pocket.

The cost can vary significantly with the number of teeth you are replacing, so you need to talk with the dentist or the office manager about the cost. You can often finance the procedure's cost and pay for it over time, but you will need to apply for the credit plan before the implants are placed to ensure the cost is covered. 

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