How To Maintain Your Dental Crowns

Posted on: 5 July 2022

Dental crowns are incredible if you want to cover a badly decayed or broken tooth. But how do you get your dental crowns to last? For starters, you have to treat them like regular teeth. Neglecting the dental crowns means you'll have to replace them. Here is how you should maintain and care for your dental crowns.

Avoid Hard or Sticky Foods

If you want to boost the lifespan of your dental crowns, you should avoid chewy or sticky foods. Dental crowns are strong, but they can also crack if you try chewing on candy or ice. If your dental crowns don't chip, they might weaken or loosen. Walking around with a loose or chipped dental crown is very uncomfortable. As such, you'll have to get them replaced prematurely.

Brush and Floss Often

Dental crowns are like teeth, meaning they still need routine oral care. Don't assume your crown will not get damaged if you fail to observe oral hygiene. You'll have to brush your teeth often for your dental crown to look good. This will remove the sticky plaque to ensure the crown retains its white color.

Flossing is also essential as it helps in getting rid of food particles that are trapped between the crown and neighboring tooth. 

Use a Night Guard

Some people have a problem grinding their teeth while sleeping. This habit can ruin, weaken, or loosen your dental crowns. If you do it hard enough, your dental crown will eventually pop off. You can, however, avoid such scenarios by wearing a night guard. A night guard should keep your lower teeth and upper teeth from touching. 

Get Rid of Bad Habits

Some habits can ruin your dental crown if you aren't careful. So, if you are used to grinding your teeth or chewing your nails, you should cease doing it to avoid damaging your dental crowns and teeth as well. Other habits include chewing ice and opening beer or beverages using their mouths.

Visit the Dentist Often

Getting dental crowns installed doesn't mean you are done yet. You still have to visit the dentist as it's required. Unfortunately, some people don't see the need to visit the dentist once they have dental crowns installed. The thing is, the dentist needs to inspect your dental crown regularly. They'll check whether the crowns are holding up well and whether they need to be adjusted. 

If you heed the advice offered above, your dental crowns will serve you well. To learn more about dental crowns, talk to a dentist in your area.