Dealing with a Chipped Tooth: A Guide for Quick Relief

Posted on: 27 March 2024

Chipping a tooth is not only an inconvenience; it can be a painful, unsettling event that leaves you wondering about the next steps. Whether you tripped and fell, bit into something too hard, or had an accident, the sudden discovery of a chipped tooth can throw your day and plans off track.

There are steps you can take immediately to alleviate any discomfort and long-term strategies to ensure your smile is as good as new. Read on for a guide to dealing with a chipped tooth.

Managing the Immediate Discomfort

The first order of business is managing the immediate discomfort or pain. If your chipped tooth is sharp and pressing against your tongue or cheek, it can cause cuts or scrapes inside your mouth. Here’s what you can do:

Rinse Your Mouth

Gently rinse with warm water to clear the area of any small tooth fragments that may have come loose. This also helps to keep the area clean to prevent infections.

Over-the-Counter Pain Relief

If the chipped tooth is causing you pain, you can take over-the-counter pain relief medication. Be sure to follow the dosage instructions and never apply the medication directly to the gum near the chipped tooth.

Cover with Wax

If the chipped tooth is sharp and causing irritation, you can use dental wax to cover the jagged edge. This is a temporary solution until you can see a dentist.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Dentist

Although the chipped tooth may not be an emergency, it’s still crucial to see your dentist as soon as possible. Some chips may seem minor but can expose the tooth’s nerve, leading to sensitivity and pain. Here’s what to expect during your dental visit:


Your dentist will examine the chipped tooth and may take X-rays to determine the extent of the damage.

Treatment Options

The course of treatment will depend on the severity of the chip. It could range from smoothing out the edge and applying a bonding material to placing a crown over the tooth for protection.

Preventive Measures

Your dentist will also discuss preventive measures, such as avoiding certain foods or habits that may have led to the chip and, if necessary, fitting you for a mouthguard to protect your teeth from damage during activities like sports.

An accidental chipped tooth can serve as a reminder of the importance of dental care and the value of a smile. Remember, your dentist is your ally in keeping your oral health in top condition, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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